Doughty, Arthur G., The Acadian Exiles: A Chronicle of the Land of Evangeline, Toronto: Glasgow, Brook & Company, 1916.

The Acadian Exiles was published as volume 9 of the Chronicles of Canada Series by Glasgow, Brook & Company (Toronto), 1916; and republished in 1920, 1921, 1922 and 1935 by Glasgow, Brook & Company (Toronto).  An edition of The Chronicles of Canada series, printed originally for Glasgow, Brook & Company was offered as a limited edition in 1964.  It consisted of unbound stock of the series purchased by University of Toronto Press.  In all of these republished versions, the chapters (text content) and the illustrations were reprinted from the original without changes; some differences were found, for instance in the omission of the original dedication in the 1964 publication.

Wilson Collection includes 2 copies of The Acadian Exiles, 1916, and 1 copy of the 1921 printing; these copies were reviewed and select images are pictured above. Digital copy of the 1916 original edition is available through Canadiana (CIHM 73508).  

Also reviewed were The Acadian Exiles: the 1920 printing (OCLC #7343796) held by the University of Ottawa; LAC, the 1922 printing (OCLC ##3528373) held by LAC; the 1935 printing (Notice Number 0000791862; OCLC #936818640) held by BAnQ, Montreal; and the 1964 printing (OCLC #1006806121) held by LAC. Select images are pictured above.

From a review of the available printed copies, all of the editions printed subsequent to 1916 appear to be reprints of the original.

In addition, the Arthur G. Doughty fonds (MG30 D26, Volume 11, File 2) held by LAC contains an incomplete draft of The Acadian Exiles, date unknown, consisting of a typescript manuscript with annotations. This manuscript was reviewed; select image is pictured above.

Ian E. Wilson