Sir Arthur G. Doughty Bibliography

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Arthur G. Doughty


Arthur G. Doughty (1860-1936), the first Dominion Archivist of Canada, was a prolific writer who used his unusual combination of talents to build his reputation and then fulfill his promise to Sir Wilfrid Laurier: "to make the Archives an important factor in the development of our national life". While his public life has been documented, his own life story has been obscure. This bibliography is a step towards an understanding of the career and the vision of Sir Arthur G. Doughty.

We have identified over 90 published and unpublished works to which Arthur G. Doughty contributed either in whole or in part. The entries in this bibliography are arranged chronologically to reflect the distinct phases in his life, interests and accomplishments. Access to the entries, which include descriptions, photographs, and contextual notes, is provided primarily through a chronological index; a title index, and a separate poetry index are also provided.

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Chronology of His Life

I have written a brief biography of Doughty which was published in Luciana Duranti and Patricia Fleming (eds), Encyclopedia of Archival Authors, (Rowan & Littlefield, 2019. pp 178-182) and another which has been accepted by the Dictionary of Canadian Biography for publication in the fullness of time.  I am preparing a full biographical study for publication.  Meanwhile, this chronological outline of key events in Doughty’s life serves to provide some context for his publications.  For brevity in this chronology, Arthur Doughty is referred to by his initials, AGD, a format he used on occasion.


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