Doughty, A.G., and N.E. Dionne, Quebec Under Two Flags: A brief history of the city from its foundations until the present time, Quebec: Quebec News Company

This work, originally published in December, 1903 and in 1905, included Subscription Editions, Special Editions, and variants.  

Subscriptions were invited up to 25 March 1903. This edition included 3 extra coloured illustrations. The Special Edition in 2 volumes was limited to 500 copies and sold for $6.  In these, all three edges were gilt and one in the Wilson Collection has an elaborate decorative binding by Otto Schultz & Co. in Edinburgh with many of the illustrations hand tinted.

A promised French edition, Québec sous les deux Drapeaux, was never published.

Included in the Wilson Collection are: three copies of the First Thousand printing, 1903, including a Subscription Edition, No. 10; two copies of the Special Edition, 1903, published in 2 volumes; and one copy of the Second Thousand printing, 1905. The Wilson Collection copies were reviewed; select images are pictured above.  Digital copy of the 1903 “First Thousand” printing is available through Internet Archive (; and digital copy of the Special Edition, 2 volumes, 1903, is available through Canadiana (CIHM 72784 & 72785).

Ian E. Wilson