Doughty, Arthur G., Quebec marginalia: with illustrations, Quebec: T. Lemieux (binder), 1899.

An elaborate illuminated manuscript by AGD on the history of Quebec, included 22 decorated leaves.

A copy of this volume was sent to England and laid before the Queen. According to The Gazette, Montreal, 2 Dec. 1899, "Her Majesty desires that Mr. Doughty should be informed of her 'admiration of its artistic merit, both in execution and design'". The copy which was received by the Queen contains her bookplate and is currently held in The Royal Collection Trust (United Kingdom).

Newspaper comments refer to Doughty's mastery of the arts of calligraphy and illumination working with camel hair brushes on vellum and parchment. His friend, the editor of "Old and New" in the Montreal Gazette, suggested that he began to experiment with this ancient medium in his spare time about 1891. He produced a series of small volumes of poetry and while he occasionally made copies, none are exact duplicates and each is a distinctive work of art in its own right.  These were sold to his circle of acquaintances in the Montreal business community. Doughty also designed the address which the Royal Society of Canada presented to Lord Aberdeen on his departure in 1898 and created loyal addresses commissioned by various cities for other official occasions. We have not been able to locate these but the volume presented to Queen Victoria is a superb example of Doughty's artistry and is now the most accessible.

Above are images of the Quebec marginalia (RCIN 1024178) from The Royal Collection Trust web site.

Ian E. Wilson