Doughty, A.G., "Canada--Great Britain's Fight with France for North America, 1753-1763", Americana, a universal reference library, comprising the arts and sciences, literature, history, biography, geography, commerce, etc., of the world, Volume 3, Editor-in-Chief Frederick Converse Beach, Managing Editor George Edwin Rines, New York: Scientific American Compiling Department, [1907].

One of the largest general encyclopedias in the English language, the Encyclopedia Americana was first published in the 1800’s.  A new version in a 16-volume set was published by Scientific American in [1902].  In 1907, the name was changed to The Americana.

Many editions of this reference set have been published.  A.G. Doughty’s 5-page article “Canada: Great Britain’s Fight for North America (1753-1763)”, first appeared in volume 3, in [1907].  It was reprinted in several subsequent editions including, for example: 1911 and 1912, volume 4; 1918, volume 5; and 1924, volume 9.

The Gazette, Montreal, heavily promoted The Americana, and noted A.G. Doughty’s contribution in several advertisements. For example, in the edition for Wednesday 3 February 1909 (p. 9), The Gazette called The Americana: a “’Vast Achievement’ The Work of Over 2,000 Eminent Experts Under the Supervision of ‘Scientific American”….The Americana a comprehensive reference work in which the world’s knowledge to date is gathered, sifted, correlated, and put in order….Dr. A.G. Doughty, Dominion Archivist, is among the Canadian contributors.”  

A print copy of The Americana, copyright 1903-1906, 1907, and published [1907] held by LAC (OCLC #2545706) was reviewed; select images are pictured above. Digital copies of various editions of The Americana available through Haithi Trust and Internet Archive ( were reviewed.

Ian E. Wilson