Doughty, A.G., "The Awakening of Canadian Interest in the Northwest: President's Address", Report of the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association / Rapports annuels de la Société historique du Canada, Vol. 7, No. 1, 1928, pp. 5-11.  

The 1928 Report was published by the Department of Public Archives, and printed by F.A. Acland (Ottawa) in 1929.

The 1928 meeting of the Canadian Historical Association was held in Winnipeg, 24-25 May. The association was formed in 1922 through the initiative of AGD's colleague, L.J. Burpee and benefitted from the energy provided by the historians who gathered to pursue research each summer at the Archives.  The Archives provided tangible support for the association in its early years by publishing its annual report.

Wilson Collection includes a print copy of the Report of the 1928 Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting; this copy was reviewed and is pictured above.

A digital copy of the address is available through Érudit ( was reviewed; select images are pictured above.

Ian E. Wilson