“Reviews of Books”, Acadia at the End of the Seventeenth Century, by John Clarence Webster, Reviewed by A.G. Doughty, Canadian Historical Review, vol. 16, no. 1 (March) 1935, pp. 77-79.

AGD reviewed the book: Acadia at the End of the Seventeenth Century: Letters Journals and Memoirs of Joseph Robineau de Villebon, Commandant in Acadia, 1690-1700 and Other Contemporaries, Monographic Series no. 1, by John Clarence Webster, Saint John, N.B.: The New Brunswick Museum, Printed by: Sackville, N.B.: The Tribune Press, 1934.

AGD expressed his concerns about manuscripts of Canadian interest being in the hands of the private collector, making the case for placing historic documents in the Public Archives to be available to all researchers. AGD was critical of Dr. Webster’s historical survey of Acadia.  As he found the work to be limited, A.G. Doughty made suggestions for improvements.  However, he concluded that the publication had usefulness.

A digital copy of the book review from The Canadian Historical Review (CHR), vol. 16, no. 1 (March) 1935, pp. 77-79, available through Project Muse, was reviewed; select images are pictured above.

Print copy of Acadia at the End of the Seventeenth Century by C.J. Webster held by Queen’s University (OCLC #6665237) was reviewed; select pages are pictured above.  

Ian E. Wilson