Doughty, A., in collaboration with G.W. Parmelee, The Siege of Quebec and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, Quebec: Dussault & Proulx, 1901-1902. 6 vols.

While all 6 volumes were copyrighted by A. Doughty in 1901, the first three volumes were published in 1901 and volumes 4-6 were published early in 1902, as an appendix to volumes 1-3. In addition, some copies of the 160 page bibliography originally included in volume 6, and the plan of the Town of Quebec, 1756, which was tipped into the Fitzpatrick edition as one of 2 additional illustrations, were also bound as separate publications.

A total of 525 copies were printed, including the Fitzpatrick edition with 25 of these printed on Strathmore paper and some with additional illustrations, and a Government edition of 100 copies purchased by the Government of Quebec. Given the handcrafted nature of the Fitzpatrick edition, the placement of illustrations varies. For further context and more detailed descriptions of the various editions, see note attached below.

Wilson Collection includes a full 6 volume set of the Fitzpatrick edition printed on Strathmore paper; two incomplete sets of the Fitzpatrick edition (with additional illustrations); and a full 6 volume set of the Government edition. Wilson Collection copies were reviewed; select images are pictured above. A Fitzpatrick edition 6 volume set held by Queen's University (OCLC #78201295) was reviewed; select images are pictured above. Digital copies of the Government edition are available through Internet Archive (

Ian E. Wilson