Tennyson, Alfred, Lord, The Idylls of the King, In Shorthand by Arthur G. Doughty,

By Kind permission of Messrs. Mcmillan & Co., Montreal: The Dominion Illustrated Press, 1889.

There are 3 copies of this publication in the Wilson Collection displaying two distinct bindings. The contents of these copies are identical and include 102 pages printed one side, calligraphy and border designs by AGD, 7 illustrations by Henry Sandham, RCA. Printed in 2 colours; edges gilt or red.

Different bindings are also seen in the copies held by Queen's University Library, and by University of Toronto Library. All original bindings feature AGD's arms stamped in gold. We note a newspaper reference to a "a paper cover issue" (Montreal Daily Witness. 12 June 1889).

Copies from the Wilson Collection and Queen's University Library (OCLC #932839368) were reviewed; select images are pictured above. A digital copy of the University of Toronto (OCLC #1046580787) copy is available through Internet Archives (archives.org); select image is pictured above.

For a discussion of the importance of In Memoriam and The Idylls of the King to AGD building a reputation in cultural circles, see the added notes below.

Ian E. Wilson