The Encyclopedia Britannica: A Dictionary of arts, sciences, literature and general information, 11th Edition, Cambridge, England and New York: At the University Press, 1910-1911.

AGD contributed 7 articles on notable persons in Canadian history to the 11th edition of The Encyclopaedia Britannica in volumes 8 and 11 published in 1910, and volumes 15-18 and 20 published in 1911.  The articles, signed A.G.D., included: Sir Antoine Aimé Dorion, 1910, Volume 8, pp. 428-429; Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac et Palluau, 1910, Volume 11, pp. 249-250; Sir Henri Gustave Joly De Lotbinière, 1911, Volume 15, p. 495; Sir Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine, 1911, Volume 16, p. 71; Thomas D’Arcy McGee, 1911, Volume 17, p. 230-231; Honoré Mercier, 1911, Volume 18, p. 153; and Louis Joseph Papineau, 1911, Volume 20, pp. 738-739.

These articles were again published in subsequent editions, including: the 12th edition (1922) which reprinted the 11thedition (1910-1911) volumes 1-29 and added supplementary volumes 30-32 which contained new articles; and the 13thedition (1926) which reprinted volumes 1-28 of the 11th edition and replaced volumes 29-32 of the 12th edition with new volumes 29-31.  The 14th edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica (1926-1929) was a completely new edition which differed from its predecessors in both in the scope of its contents and in the method of its construction. AGD was not a contributor to the 14th edition and his articles no longer appeared in any of the encyclopedia’s editions after 1926.

The 11th edition advertised as a The New Encyclopedia Britannica was “the work of recognized authorities in every department of knowledge and in all civilized countries” (The Sun (New York), February 18, 1911, p.5.).  This edition represented a change in organization from previous editions, adopting a dictionary plan which automatically provided headings throughout the work and allowed for articles of various lengths to be seamlessly incorporated. In the above-mentioned advertisement, AGD was listed as a contributor under the heading of 'Literature and Biography'.  

The Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th edition (1910-1911) print copies held by LAC (OCLC #266598), and by Queen's University (OCLC #00266598) were reviewed; select images are pictured above.  A digital copy of 11th edition is available through   Subsequent editions are available in a digital format through and google books; these copies were reviewed to verify the inclusion of AGD’s contributions.

Ian E. Wilson