D.A.G., "To Hilda [To Hilda Langton Born Sept. 10, 1868 Died Sept. 10, 1878]" Nugae Canorae, Portland Maine: Smith & Sale, 1897, pp. 61-62.

Of note is the overlap of the poem "To Hilda" and the poem "Helen and Aphrodite" in Nugae Canorae, 1897. The title "Helen and Aphrodite" appears on page 60 which is just before before the first page (page 61) of the poem "To Hilda". There is a separate verse on page 62 about Hilda, and then the first page (page 63) of the poem "Helen and Aphrodite" begins.

This poem "To Hilda" dedicated to Hilda Langton, 1868-1878, is one of several published works that AGD dedicated to Hilda. For example, there is a hand illuminated copy of Helen and Aphrodite, 1898, which is described under Helen and Aphrodite in the title index.

Print copy of Nugae Canorae, 1897, held by LAC (OCLC #976966849) was reviewed; select images are pictured above. Digital copy from microform (CIHM 03939) available through Internet Archive (archive.org) was also reviewed; select images are pictured above.

Ian E. Wilson