Doughty, A.G., Substance of an Address delivered by A.G. Doughty, January 14, 1931 in the Archives building, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Halifax, 1931.

This publication was 'Printed for the Record of Proceedings. Not for circulation.' The 8 page pamphlet was a souvenir of the dedication of the new archives building in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In his address, A.G. Doughty talked about the importance of archives and the challenge that remained to build a collection of documents that would tell the story of the province. For A.G.D. this new building held the promise that " contains the soul of the people of Nova Scotia." (p.8)

The Wilson Collection copy, a photocopy of the pamphlet, was reviewed. The 8-page pamphlet, bound in leather and marbled papers, held by LAC (OCLC #1007642968), was reviewed; select images are pictured above.

Ian E. Wilson