Doughty, Arthur G., M.A., Sometime of New Inn Hall Oxon., Helen and Aphrodite, Montreal: Privately printed, 1894.

Doughty created several single copies of an illuminated manuscript entitled "Helen and Aphrodite" between 1894 and 1898. Each one was written and illustrated by hand. Research for this bibliography identified 3 unique copies.

The 1894 copy was noted by The Gazette on December 8th, 1894 and described as "all manuscript of rare perfection". It is held by LAC. The binding is brown leather with gold design on the front and back covers, and gold lettering and raised bars on the spine. The illuminated manuscript consists of 23 pages including 18 numbered pages and 8 drawings in colour.

The 1895 copy is described by The Gazette, Montreal (21 September 1895, p. 11) as a "second trial" and showed "considerable improvement". The title page and the illustrations were credited to F.L. Cardiff and included a drawing of the Venus de Medici and the author's heraldic shield.

The third version, 1898, was described in both The Gazette (2 July 1898, p. 13), and The Quebec Saturday Night Budget (25 June 1898, p. 4) as AGD's latest effort in illuminating. It was dedicated to the memory of Hilda [Langton] and included illustrations by Mr. Paul Caron. The Quebec Saturday Budget described it as a beautiful book written by AGD using a camel hair brush on pages of parchment manufactured at [Tokio] by the Japanese Government. It included 4 pictures, 3 from the work of Paul Caron, and the fourth by A.G.D.

The 1894 illuminated manuscript held by LAC, Arthur George Doughty fonds, (MG30 D26, Volume 14, File 2), was reviewed; select images are pictured above. Neither the 1895 nor the 1898 versions were located. No digital copies of any of these versions were available.

In addition to the illuminated manuscripts, the poem entitled "Helen and Aphrodite" by A.G.D. was published in Nugae Canorae, Portland, Maine: Smith & Sale, 1897. This version resembled the 1894 original in style and theme with several paragraphs roughly the same; however, the 1897 version was a shortened, revised version of the original with some new lines added, and many parts edited out.

Ian E. Wilson