Doughty, A.G., "Montreal of Yester Year", [1932], LAC, Ottawa, Manuscript.

Doughty, Arthur G., Extract from the forthcoming Book "Montreal of Yester-year", Ottawa: Le Droit, 1935.

The book "Montreal of Yester Year", was never published. Manuscripts of the proposed publication are held by LAC, in the Arthur G. Doughty fonds (MG 30 D26, Volume 11) consisting of 3 drafts of this proposed publication; and in the Rare Book collection, one copy dated 1932 (OCLC #1007643439).  The most complete of these 4 drafts was the bound typescript volume in the Rare Book collection.  The drafts indicated that the book was to include 21 Chapters, as well as, 13 illustrations.  While the draft copies provided the chapter titles and content for the intended publication, none of the proposed illustrations were included in any of the draft copies. The pending publication was a glance back at the City of Montreal from its origins to the end of the French Regime, which provided a descriptive history of its development.  

While AGD had published the book, Quebec of Yester-Year in 1932 through Thomas Nelson & Sons, Limited (Toronto), there is nothing to suggest that the proposed "Montreal of Yester-Year" was intended to be part of a series. AGD had corresponded with D. Barsalou of Le Droit in 1934 concerning the possible printing of the book. Ten months before he died in 1936, AGD corresponded with A.H. [Arthur Henry] O'Brien, 12 February 1936, and wrote: "I have finished a book called Montreal of Yester Year but it is not yet in the press. I published an extract from one of the chapters last year." The extract was printed by Le Droit in 1935 as a promotion for the planned publication.  

Records held by LAC in the AGD fonds (MG 30 D26) which included correspondence, draft manuscripts of "Montreal of Yester Year", and Extract from the Forthcoming Book 'Montreal of Yester-year', were reviewed; select images are pictured above. A typescript manuscript of 'Montreal of Yester Year' with annotations by AGD held by LAC, Rare Book collection (OCLC #1007643439) was reviewed; select images are pictured above. None of these records have been digitized.

Ian E. Wilson