Doughty, Arthur G., "Preface", in Canadian Historical Dates and Events, 1492-1915, by Francis J. Audet, Ottawa: Printed by George Beauregard, 1917, [p. 7].

Canadian Historical Dates and Events, 1492-1915 was prepared by Francis J. Audet of the Public Archives of Canada, as a reliable source of information relevant to the historical development of Canada. Included is, for example, information on the appointment of government officials, and key events such as wars, battles, treaties, voyages and discoveries, and the establishment of cities. Information is generally arranged chronologically under a particular subject; there is also a general subject index at the back of the book. In the "Preface", Doughty wrote, "No more useful work could be offered to the student than the tables prepared by Mr. F.J. Audet....To the Public Libraries and the libraries of colleges and schools throughout the Dominion this book should be welcome, and indeed it should find a place in the library of every serious student of Canadian history" [p. 7.].

The Wilson Collection contains a printed copy of Canadian Historical Dates and Events, 1492-1915, bound in a reddish-brown cloth. The Wilson Collection copy was reviewed; select images are pictured above. A digital copy is available through Hathi Trust.

Ian E. Wilson